How can we improve the privacy and anonymity of the data we exchange via the Internet?

The project A DSL for Anonymization of Network Traffic aims to develop an open-source, user-friendly development environment for making formal descriptions of network protocols that make it possible to automatically generate, maintain and analyze privacy and analysis tools in the field of privacy. The emphasis in this project is on generating anonymization tools.

A DSL is a specialized language to write high-level problem descriptions. In this project we have created:

  • Bird: A DSL to describe binary file formats such as BMP, PNG or JPEG. Such a description of a file format is declarative: it describes how the format looks like but does not describe how it can be parsed.
  • Nescio: A DSL to describe anonymization rules. Here again, the description is declarative: it describes which parts of a file have to be anonymized but not how this is implemented.

We have developed Bird and Nescio as open source projects, they are available at SWAT-engineering/bird and SWAT-engineering/nescio .

This project was funded by SIDNfonds and has been realized by SWAT.engineering in cooperation with National Forensics Institute.